Friday, 7 February 2014

The Lab

At a Glance

Get (All the deserts are amazing):
  • Zumbarons ($2.50 ea. Various flavours)
  • Zonut ($5.00)
  • Mocha ($4.00)
  • The pies ($4.50) - decent but they are not a highlight

The Lab in Rozelle is the brainchild of Adriano Zumbo, also sometimes known as Australia's 'Willy Wonka'. So as you would imagine The Lab is somewhat akin to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

I have had the pleasure of visiting The Lab in Rozelle a few times now for dessert and have sampled more than my fair share of cakes, pastries and macarons- so far I have not been disappointed.

Small, but there is heaps of great choice!
The recently renovated interior of the lab is small, cool, clean and uncluttered. There are very few seats, although this isn't an issue as most of the business tends to be takeaway. The few seats located toward the back of the cafe have a rather spectacular viewing window into the bakery where the talented pastry chefs work their magic (if you are lucky you might even see Adriano Zumbo!).

Let me preface the next picture by saying that I am a HUGE Zumbo fan so needless to say I was extremely excited when I saw him in the flesh through the viewing window and if Adriano Zumbo ever reads this I would just like to say sorry for the stalker picture..but I couldn't resist.

Stalker picture - Adriano Zumbo in the flesh!
We finally tried the pies, there were various flavours available but we went for the classic flavours. The "chicken and leak" pie was good and the filling was meaty and well seasoned. The only let down  was that it was a little bit too oily and as a result the pastry on the base became slightly soft losing its crispiness. Overall it was still a good pie for the $4.50 price tag.

Beef pie
The beef pie ($4.50) had an amazing filling with large chunks of meat and excellent flavour. Unfortunately, like the chicken pie it was a little too oily resulting in the base becoming a little bit soft. Again though an excellently flavoured pie, and for the price tag you can't do much better in the area.

Chicken pie
Everyone who knows Zumbo, knows that it is all about desserts, they are the main stars of the show and the 'zonut' is the latest addition to the dessert line up. The zonut is the Zumbo rendition of the world famous 'cronut' which originated from the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York. The zonut comes in various flavours which vary based on the week that you go- we got the raspberry filled version which had a sweet flaky pastry and nice raspberry filling which brought a good balance to the overall flavour. The only complaint that I had was that it was really oily, even for doughnut standards (I know too oily seems to be trend in this post, but it really was!). Overall the zonut is quite satisfying and lived up to my expectations.

The famous zonut
If you end up going to any of Adriano Zumbo's stores then you simply cannot go past the zumbarons aka macarons ($2.50). We got a 6 pack with an assortment of flavours, all of which were amazing. The outer shells were smooth and crispy, and the cream fillings were true to the flavours which they represented. The flavours which really stood out for us were the pandan and sticky rice pudding, apple pie and the salted butter popcorn. In saying this though, all the "zumbarons" are great I would encourage you to try them all out!

Finally we got a mocha ($4.00) which I can say with confidence was one of the most rich chocolaty flavoured mochas I have ever had. It complimented the zumbarons and the zonut and was very enjoyable - definitely a sometimes drink though, the sweetness can become a little overwhelming.

Assorted zumbaron's and mocha

The Lab in Rozelle is a worthy cafe to visit, the desserts are outstanding and the atmosphere is laid back and cool. You can easily take a seat on the stools and get lost in the viewing window as you enjoy the desserts, breads, pies and coffee. I would highly recommend visiting!

You can find the The Lab for breakfast and lunch at:

114 Terry Street
Rozelle, NSW 2039

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