Tuesday, 22 October 2013

El Jannah

At a Glance

Get : 
  • Charcoal Chicken & Chips ($14.50 for half chicken with chips- easily feeds two)

  • The garlic sauce (comes with chicken when you dine in)
  • The Lebanese bread (comes with chicken when you dine in)
  • Free lettuce and tomato side (on request) 
  • Awesome atmosphere

  • Experience not consistent - sometimes the chicken is a bit to charcoaled i.e. burnt (last visit was the chicken was perfect though)

If you live in Sydney (especially the West) you would have probably heard of the legendary charcoal chicken, chips and garlic sauce which have come to be associated with the famous El Jannah Restaurant.

If you have never been to El Jannah you might be thinking what all the fuss is about, however once you try the chicken and the legendary garlic sauce it is easy to understand how this humble charcoal chicken shop has gained a cult like following and a famous reputation in Western Sydney.

When you arrive in Granville you will immediately be greeted by the wonderful charcoal chicken scent which fills the air, and if you follow your nose past the train station and you will almost immediately see the famous El Jannah Restaurant.

On weekends and after work the place is usually packed and there is a really nice casual atmosphere with lots of families and large groups of people sitting around having a chat and enjoying some delicious charcoal chicken.

Before I get into the details of the food, let me describe how to enjoy your charcoal chicken.
Note that everyone has their own way of eating the chicken, but this is by far the most popular method:
  1. Shred your chicken so that it can be put into a wrap
  2. Break Lebanese bread into quarters
  3. Place a generous helping (to your liking) of chicken, chips, garlic sauce and a few pickles so that it fills the pocket of Lebanese bread
  4. Add some lettuce and tomato
  5. Enjoy!
Whilst these steps can get little messy it is all part of the fun of coming and eating in at El Jannah.

Ok so now that you know how to maximise your El Jannah experience lets talk about the food.

When we go we normally get the chicken which is usually really juicy and has an awesome charcoal flavour, however on an odd occasion it can be a little on the dry side (from my experience, not very often).

A sight for sore eyes- Delicious charcoal chicken with a side of garlic sauce and pickles

The chicken is accompanied by a generous serving of garlic sauce which is by far without a doubt the best garlic sauce I have ever tried in my life (I highly recommend getting the garlic sauce).

You also get a nice serving of pickles which are awesome in a DIY wrap- as mentioned above (I really enjoy these in the wrap even though I am not a big fan of pickles).

The Lebanese bread which you get with the meal is a nice addition and if you request when ordering you also get a side of lettuce and tomato all of which you can use to make your wraps.

Lebanese bread - you can use to make your wraps

A free side of lettuce and tomato- don't forget to ask or they don't give it to you!
Finally the chips- these are some of the most epic hot chips I have had, they have a good amount of chicken salt and are nice and crispy on the outside. If you ever go to El Jannah you have to get the chips!

You don't know chips till you try El Jannah chips

El Jannah is a down to earth local hot spot with a great atmosphere, head on down to spend some time with family or mates while enjoying some excellent chicken which will definitely leave you feeling satisfied.

You can find El Jannah at:

6 South St,
Granville, NSW 2142

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